• Castaic Jerky J

    Castaic Jerky J

    You must look at these baits to appreciate the hand-painted, hand-dotted eyes. A soft body with no added weight adds to the realism and perfects the lifelike swimming action. A thick mid-section, thin tail, and dorsal fin give this soft swimbait a wild...

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  • Castaic Jerky J Swims

    Castaic Jerky J Swims

    A cousin to the popular Jerky J series, Jerky J Swims feature a thumping tail and are a hybrid between a Jerkbait and Swimbait. The Jerky J Swim contracts with a series of vibrations fish can’t resist. Ultra-realistic colors give this...

    $5.99 $5.75
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  • Missile Baits bomb shot Missile Baits bomb shot

    Missile Baits bomb shot

    A bomb is getting dropped on the drop shot bait market! The Bomb Shot is a 4” bait that is based on the super popular D Bomb shape. The solid head makes for rigging options of nose hooking or Texas rigging. Once in the water. The Bomb Shot will...

    $3.99 $3.20
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  • ZOOM UltraVibe Speed Worm 15PK

    ZOOM UltraVibe Speed Worm 15PK

    The Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Worm was designed to trigger the predatory instinct in bass, combining the realistic look and action of a worm with the unique sound profile of the Ultra Vibe Tail for maximum water disturbance. You can buzz it on top, swim it...

    $4.49 $3.28
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